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Top 35 Winter Clothes for Dogs

Top 35 Winter Clothes for Dogs


Winter season is the season of raining, snowing and cold winds and we wear our heavy clothes in order to keep ourselves warm. Like humans, our dogs need also to be warm and dry during this cold season especially those who have short and thin hair which isn’t enough to keep them warm.

Dogs winter clothing are found in a lot of shapes and types like dog sweater, a dog coat, dog sweatshirt, jackets,…

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How to Wear Eye Makeup in six Simple Tips

How to Wear Eye Makeup in six Simple Tips


You don’t need to be professional to make eye makeup that looks good and shows the beauty of your eyes. In anything there are basic fixed rules if you follow them, you will be in the right way. For example you must exactly know what colors are suitable for you as you must choose what complement your eyes here, let’s see what the basic is in choosing the suitable colors before you wear any makeup:

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Temporary Makeup Tattoo

There are a lot of women who don’t know how to wear exactly her makeup, even if they know this, sometimes they don’t have enough time to do this whatever the reason was. Because of this there are many makeup tattoos like lip, eyeliner, eyebrow and eyeshade tattoo that appear to solve this problem and help other poor women who have no time to get the look that they want.

They are found in many…

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Complete Your Look and Prove Yourself with Brooches and Pins

Complete Your Look and Prove Yourself with Brooches and Pins


Nowadays, brooches and pins have become an essential piece in your jewelry decoration as they retain the classy look of the medieval times. They are found in many different designs and sizes from silver and gold with the mixture of diamond and some precious stones.

Brooches and pins are appropriate for all occasions and all times. You can wear them whenever you want, but choose the right one for…

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Dress Jewelry in the Shape of Your Favorite Animal

Dress Jewelry in the Shape of Your Favorite Animal


Do you love animals? Do you appreciate them? Do you like to make a connection between your love and your jewelry? Every one of us has specific favorite animal and has his own way to express this love. Some is breeding animals in their homes, others wearing their fur after their death and others putting the picture of their beloved animal in their rings, necklaces and bracelets jewelry. But how…

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Be Like a Queen with Your Crown

Be Like a Queen with Your Crown

The bride loves to be like a queen in her wedding day and this won’t complete without her crown that completes the look of her wedding dress. So choosing the right crown is the first step and the second step is choosing the hairstyle or veil that suits the crown and gives you the royal look you want.









There are many designs and sizes from tiaras or bridal crowns and choosing the…

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Cufflinks: The Most Favorite Men Jewelry

Cufflinks: The Most Favorite Men Jewelry

The cufflinks are very important to every man as they give him a new look and his elegance doesn’t complete without them. Cufflinks reflect man personality and give him a unique touch so there are many different designs, colors and sizes you can choose from as you like.







Cufflinks come in all different shapes oval, square and round from sterling silver, gold, steel, Titanium and sometimes…

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Waist Chain Jewelry

Waist jewelry is a chain that is worn around the waist made from many different materials like white gold, yellow gold, solid silver and leather in all shapes and sizes. It isn’t just a piece of jewels to decorate yourself with, it is also a tool that helps you to hide your flat belly and make your waist appears smaller.


Waist chain jewelry is very old, it gets back to more than 4000 years. It…

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Anklets Jewelry

Anklets are used to decorate the feet and enhance its beauty. They are very stunning and add a magical feminine look with the jingle of the anklet bells especially when you move. They are worn around the ankle. Small bells are added to the anklets to make a beautiful soft rhythm while walking as these bells catch eyes towards the feet.





Anklets are very popular especially in India. They are…

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Learn How to Make Adorable Bracelet in 10 minutes

Required tools  388 wood beads 3x2mm. - 44 turquoise rounds beads 8mm. - 118 silver-plated 2.5mm rounds.

Learn How to Make Adorable Bracelet in 10 minutes

Required tools  388 wood beads 3x2mm. - 44 turquoise rounds beads 8mm. - 118 silver-plated 2.5mm rounds.