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Waist Chain Jewelry

Waist jewelry is a chain that is worn around the waist made from many different materials like white gold, yellow gold, solid silver and leather in all shapes and sizes. It isn’t just a piece of jewels to decorate yourself with, it is also a tool that helps you to hide your flat belly and make your waist appears smaller.


Waist chain jewelry is very old, it gets back to more than 4000 years. It…

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Anklets Jewelry

Anklets are used to decorate the feet and enhance its beauty. They are very stunning and add a magical feminine look with the jingle of the anklet bells especially when you move. They are worn around the ankle. Small bells are added to the anklets to make a beautiful soft rhythm while walking as these bells catch eyes towards the feet.





Anklets are very popular especially in India. They are…

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Learn How to Make Adorable Bracelet in 10 minutes

Required tools  388 wood beads 3x2mm. - 44 turquoise rounds beads 8mm. - 118 silver-plated 2.5mm rounds.

Learn How to Make Adorable Bracelet in 10 minutes

Required tools  388 wood beads 3x2mm. - 44 turquoise rounds beads 8mm. - 118 silver-plated 2.5mm rounds.

Barefoot Jewelry

Barefoot jewelry is a sexy and elegant piece that decorate your foot. It looks like sandals but without bottoms or soles. Owning one piece from barefoot jewelry, gives you all in one. You will find that you have a toe ring, anklet and a foot thong.




You can wear it in many ways with strapped sandals high-heels, flip-flops or barefoot. It also suits all different occasions: the beach, pool…

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Baby Dior Clothes

Fashion is not limited to adults only, It’s also for kids (girls and boys). We can say that fashion is a big saga and everyone take a part in this saga. For example, we will choose from this epic “children” as it seems so difficult to find good designers for your kids’ clothes. There are a lot of brands for kids’ clothes but the most famous one which will apply here is “Baby Dior”




Baby Dior is…

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3 Opaque and Trans Half Flower Chain Shiny Silver Necklace, 16”
2.00 Carat Total Weight Cubic Zirconia 925 Sterling Silver Gold Plated Overlay Stud Earrings Reviews
2014 Susenstore 7pcs Skull Bowknot Heart Nail Simple Band Mid Finger Top Stacking Rings Set
Iolite stone

Iolite is a mineral gemstone that was discovered by French geologist Louis Cordier in 1813. It had been given different names before recognizing such as dichroite, water sapphire and known as the “Viking’s Compass,” which was one of the stones used by the Vikings for ocean navigation. It also seems to be two-colored stone which can appear to be different colors when viewed from different sides.…

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Amazing Engagement Rings With Colored Gemstones

Amazing Engagement Rings With Colored Gemstones

Wearing a ring  with a colored stone like ruby, emerald or tourmaline is like telling the world that you have a fashion-forward sensibility. It is recommended to select a stone with significance to you. You can choose your or your fiance’s birthstone or  the stone of your favorite color, or the one which give special meaning to you as individual or to you both as a couple.

Choosing your gemstone…

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